Amie Miriello is an artist.  

Upon moving to NYC, after growing up and attending boarding school in New England, Amie wasted no time in showcasing her talent among the clubs in Manhattan and Brooklyn.  Too young to even order a beer at the bar, Miriello began performing her original compositions at the erstwhile venue "the fez", as well as "the bitter end", "cafe wha?", and "Sin E". Along with longtime friend/writing partner Jay Dmuchowski, the two wrote and played acoustic shows at any opportunity, while working multiple jobs to make ends meet.  Soon after her move to the city, ends did meet. She was discovered by music mogul Billy Mann and signed a production deal to his Stealth entertainment company.  Mann had her hone her craft with a series of club runs and soon put Amie on a plane to Sweden where she collaborated with production team Macho Psycho.  The resulting bunch of songs was more than enough to earn her a high profile deal with Jive records.  Amie became the first artist signed to legendary A&R person Theresa LaBarbera-Whites.  Along with Dmuchowski and other established musicians, Miriello formed a band Dirtie Blonde, and the 5 piece immediately hit the road to promote the record.  The first single off the band's eponymous debut, "Walk over Me", quickly became a top 40 hit and saw the band on the marquis at Radio City Music Hall, Ryman auditorium, the 9:30 club and every other major venue you can think of.  A year or so later, Amie decided it was time to let her inner troubadour emerge and LaBarbera-Whites agreed, immediately signing Miriello, once again, as the first artist on her Jive imprint Bella Sonic.  The album "I came around", which features contributions from the likes of Kara Dioguardi, Mitch Allan, Rob Wells and Jeff Cohen among others, caught the attention of the top taste makers in radio.  A cover feature on the industry leading magazine, FMQB, performances on the prestigious "World Cafe" and a nationwide tour with Austin, TX's favorite son, Bob Schneider, saw Amie's profile skyrocket.  Her first single, the album's title track, received heavy airplay and her second single "Brand New" became a top 20 video on VH-1.

Settling in Los Angeles, where she still resides, presented the singer/songwriter with the chance to share her writing prowess with other emerging artists.  Amie's publisher Zomba became absorbed by entertainment stalwart Universal Music, and the industry behemoth wisely kept Miriello on their Hall of Fame roster of songwriters.  She began placing songs with multi-platinum artists worldwide, and licensed many of her own compositions to numerous hit tv shows. At around the same time, she branched off and returned to her roots as the front woman in a collective effort.  Rejoining past musical cohorts Macho Psycho for the "Mole" project, and top L.A. musicians for her L.A. based band So&So, Amie had found yet another vehicle for getting her original compositions on television and movie screens.  Her third collaboration, The Great Escape, recently landed two humongous commercial syncs, one of which she placed with Chase bank and is still in major rotation across network tv. 

Amie has lent her vocal ability to such A list acts as Katy Perry, Jessica Simpson and Courtney Love.  Even when she is not writing her own material and performing her own growing catalogue, Miriello lends her voice and craft to other artists.  She recently was featured on a top ten dance floor smash in the U.K., and her unique sound is now in demand by DJ's across the globe.

If you've been unlucky enough to have missed Amie's music, this is what you can expect.  Lyrically, Miriello is brilliant.  Choosing to avoid everyday cliches that dominate pop music, Amie's words are as dense and finely crafted as some of Joni Mitchell's best work and at times can approach the proto-sexual cynicism of a classic Highsmith novel.  The lyric is part and parcel of what makes a Miriello composition what it is - always engaging, never without a hook, and oftentimes a steamroller. As comfortable with an acoustic guitar as she is with a buzz saw bass, her tone is one to defy all genre profiling, though an attempt to classify always exists.

"Sometimes people I haven't seen in awhile ask me if I'm still doing music" she laughs. "That's like me asking them if they are still taking showers...or still drinking water." Though some of her best songs do deal with her relationships she admits that music is the real love of her life.  "Music is my only lasting love affair" says Amie. But this is not a complaint by any means as the singer/songwriter is resigned to her fate: "I never chose art. It chose me."